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Also October is up!

Even before the end of November, the October slideshow now is uploaded on the The Tour page! Mycket nöje! (Warning to sensitive viewers: The slides contain a disturbing amount of pictures of Martin holding a fish)

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September is up!

Filippa has been pushing me for days, and finally I got around to finishing the Sept pictures after she had started it up and done more than half of it. You find it under The Tour as usual.

Visiting Ron on Dawntrader

We are still anchored in the same spot on Las Brisas, busying ourselves with mending little things on the boat, hanging out with Ron on Dawntrader, reading books and suchlike. Once every 4 days or so we take a dollar cab (one dollar per person, works like little private buses sometimes) in Cinco de Mayo, the local shopping area. Here you find shops, the veggie market, the fish market and you are within walking distance from the old town Casco Viejo. The above area is still in the western, close to the canal zone, part of Panama City. We have only ventured farther into the actual city with the highrisers and towers once. Traffic is rather dense and much of the larger streets are being dug up to construct a subway net. Good for them in 2020, not so good for us now.

More on Panama city life later,


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For Sale page updated

Photo by Sally Lightfoot

The last week both new batteries and the new fridge has been installed onboard. It took some time, as it always does to install things on a boat, but now its done!
Rewards directly: The new Waeco compressor is silent and best of all, uses very little electricity compared to the old one. So far the first two days the batteries have been topped at 13V using only solar power and the fridge box is full of cool drinks and food. Electricity balance is an eternal problem for all sailors and you often hear motors and generatorns running around the anchorages to maintain fridges and watermakers. For us, the new fridge is the last piece of our electricity puzzle, to have a sustainable situation at all (most) conditions. Feels good.

We are still on Las Brisas anchorage (picture, far end beyond Casa Viejo/Old town) and will be so for another week or so. Currently we have no plans to move the boat, in the event we travel rigth now it will be on land with the boat moored at Taboga. We´ll see how things move along.

The Orkestern For Sale page has been updates with the latest additions to the equipment list and now has all picture slides included.

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Items Lost At Sea is updated. As you can see we have done a lot of laundry and eaten a lot of fish!

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Moments in Las Perlas

Hello everobody!
We are now back in Panama City after a couple of weeks in the beautiful archipelago Las Perlas, south east of PC. The humpback whales were still swimming around the islands and entering the anchorages at night!! Jippiiiii! They are impressive animals – the one we saw the closest was about 12 m long and had a calf with her. Keeping a respectful distance felt in place when sailing past with the boat. But at night in the anchorage the whales decided on the distance and we could here their deep and hollow breathing sounds close to the boat. Although we are friendly people we did not want them to cuddle up.
There had been promises of “a lot of fish” here on the Pacific side and we were not disappointed! The surface literally boils with schools of all sizes. The coral is scarce but the abundance of fish makes up for it.

The tide (4-6 meters) makes the closest landscape change appearance twice a day and you can get access to large sandy or rocky areas during low water, for beach excursions.

One day it started to rain…and then it did not stop until three days later. We later found out it was the hurricane Sandy that sent her tentacles down south.

Foto story from San Blas in August is uploaded!


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New pictures from the canal crossing

A few images from last weeks canal crossing! Tomorrow we leave for the group of Islands known as Las Perlas. Back in the days they produced a lot of oyster pearls and I believe they still do to some extent. The Pearl Islands are right now visited by Humpback whales, so we are eager to go out and see if we can spot some.

Back in Panama City in a few weeks!

Martin and Filippa

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On Monday evening we proudly entered the Pacific Ocean with our large crew of six people. On Sunday evening we were even seven for a while, as the advisor the first day had with him an advisor trainee! Slightly crowded at times, but the boat held up well. Nina (from Ninita) and Petra and Dick (from Sally Lightfoot, Holland) did a good job together with Filippa as line handlers in the locks while Martin steered the boat. Going up the first night was the tricky part.- The water rushed in through all chambers and the lock boiled as we rose 9 meters in a short while. The boat leaned well over to one side from the current but we were stable in the middle.

Windows, solar panels and other sensitive stuff had been protected as we had been warned of the hard ends of the throwing lines, the so called Monkey Fists, which gets the main lines from shore to the boat in the locks. The skilful Panamanian rope launchers did still manage to put a crack in one of our cockpit windows by hitting it. Thus I have been to the glass rapair shop today and ordered a new window.


* The crossing went fine, we managed to make the speed we needed in the 27 miles lake transport

* We glimpsed a crocodile in the end of the transit and saw other beautiful nature pass by in the lake

* Our advisors were nice and good company and the liked Swedish cooking

Lowlights: Nothing to mention, a cracked window is fixed in a day and memories last forever.

We are now very online some days ahead, we today bought a Claro 3G USB modem giving us internet access in the boat via the mobile network. Works like a charm. The anchorage is rather nice and still and has a refreshing breeze thats even providing some wind electricity for us (cool drinks, computers happy). All is good!

Take care folks,

Martin and Filippa


 Picture taken by Petras brother just as we have left the Canal zone in Balboa, Pacific side.

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July is up!

The July pdf is up! It´s all about San Blas and you find it as usual under The Tour page.

Tomorrow we start the canal crossing. As the map indicates – its a shortcut to the Pacific.

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Panama Canal transit

We are scheduled for crossing the Canal of all canals (must be the most famous one?) on Sunday. Small yachts like ours, as oppose to the standard bigbig ships, typically do the crossing in two days. When we joined Ninita as linehandlers last week, we started in the afternoon and did the Gatun locks before dark. After the going up from the Atlantic side we tied up to a bouy in Lake Gatun. Despite keen looking, we saw none of the crocodiles that inhabit the lake. The whole thing was uneventful, though that was possibly due to the fact that we did not lock together with a big ship. This does sometimes cause major turbulence and current when they start their props close by. We were in the Pacific by early afternoon, left Ninita and went home to our own boat via bus and taxi.

The Miraflores locks, the last one before reaching the Pacific, has a web cam. We are there on Monday around 8-9pm (SWE time) – but the schedule is very vague, some people have been delayed for half a day. We are not exactly first priority over the bigger ships. The adress is:
The cameras are out of order sometimes, probably due to the very frequent lightening strikes here.

Martin and Filippa

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strong>Till små brorsdöttrarna i Blekinge och andra yngre läsare!

Djur till Leija och Nilma<

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