Posted by: syorkestern | March 12, 2013

Back home – last months newsletter is up

Last Friday we arrived in frightfully cold Göteborg and were met by parents and relatives. Happy reunions! And tomorrow we head down to Blekinge to meet up with Filippas side of the family!

I will not even try to summarize our experiences from the almost 2 year long trip, but we are both in full agreement that it was a great experience and well worth all the trouble and sacrifices made.


No boats for some time now and no travel plans. This feels great still and we are already busy setting up the normal life again. Eventually the travel bug might strike again, but for now it is well buried.

Filippa made an effort and put together Februay picture pdf, which is now up. That concludes the story and eventually in the spring we will shut down this web site.

Hope to see you in person soon instead!
Martin and Filippa 




  1. Välkomna hem!

  2. Välkomna hem till detta väderträsk.
    s/y Svea

    • Tack!
      Visst är det sjukt att man förväntas vara ute i detta väder? Inte helt humant.

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