Posted by: syorkestern | February 24, 2013

January is up – and so is the surf

This morning Orkestern and Ninita arrived at Galapagos without us. Bittersweet emotion, we are happy they seem to have made it without major issues and in good time, but of course it would be cool to be there now with the sea lions playing around the boat.

Life in Santa Catalina is not bad either though, I guess real envy of our sailing friends will only properly set in when we have worked a bit back home and you are again stuck in a traffic jam on the E6 motorway. 


The January newsletter has been uploaded, containing mostly the Peru trip and a little Panama of course.

We have a couple more days to finetune our surfing skills before getting on the bus back to PC and then the flight northeastwards to Sweden a couple of days later.



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