Posted by: syorkestern | January 29, 2013

Bowling at the Mall

Contrasts are stark this week. We headed back from Cusco in the early morning, flew via Arequipa, Lima and San José to end up in Panama City again in the late evening. From the near freezing Andees to the “normal heat” of the tropics. Our frozen bodies are slowly thawing.

Another contrast was to go to the mall after a couple of weeks in the high Andees. Houses made from clay bricks and llamas to eat-all-you-can pizza joints and January clothes sales. Sad to say goodbye to Nina and Ola, whom we met over lunch – this time we will really not meet until they get back to Sweden, in whichever way that now may be, boat or plane.

Peru was a nice trip, sceneries awsome and beautiful, colourful people. We spent most of the time with one of us being sick, but that didnt stop us from enjoying.


We also had time to check in with the new crew of Orkestern to give them a few last pieces of advice and well wishes. They seem to have a steep learning curve and make sure to film every bit of it too!

Back to the bowling in the mall – we decided to put our old skills to the test yesterday. Lets not go into any details about scores, but we are soon going to file a complaint to the international board of bowling about the lack of proper balls with the right hole size weight ratio, shoes with rubber heels that made you stop and not slide and possibly uneven floor..

Now tomorrow morning off to Santa Catalina and Coiba, in the southwest of Panama, for four weeks of diving and surfing!

Filippa just finished the December picture slides – check under The Tour as usual.


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