Posted by: syorkestern | January 11, 2013


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur six months of the Panamanian tourist visa expires today Jan 11th. So good thing we are no longer in the country of Panama. Our first idea was to take a long bus trip up to the Costa Rican border as we had heard some people do to extend the visa. But after a good deal of thought on how we best should spend our post-boat vacation days, we decided to buy a ticket to Peru to explore the Andes fo a couple of weeks.

TACA Airlines took us safely via San José, Costa Rica, down to Lima in the southern hemisphere. After all our sailing between the countries, an international airplane flight is disturbing in a way: You never get to acquaint your brain with the idea of going to that new country, you are just abruptly dropped down there. Lima is a lively place with some 8 million inhabitants, and it hits you with a bang. It´s the capital of a poor nation with about 40% of the people living below the poverty line. With only our first taxi ride from the airport to our hotel yesterday, we can conclude that traffic is not for the faint-hearted and noise pollution is abundant.

Today we woke up refreshed again and started to make plans of how to best explore the country. Should we include the all-popular Machu Pichu? Shall we see Lake Titicaca? Shall we hike the Andes? Shall we try the local delicacy Cuy (guinea pig/marsvin)?

Stay tuned, we will report what happens.



  1. Spännande och jättefin bild!
    Har ni tagit den själva??

  2. Nope, bilden på laman var snodd, jag ville bara ha ngt peruanskt där innan vi kommit upp i Anderna…men damen på bilden nu träffade jag på marknaden i Pisac och drack ett glas Chicha med.

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