Posted by: syorkestern | January 7, 2013

Bye bye Orkestern!

 Strange to be sitting here in a hostel (or homestay as it describes itself) without a long list of “today´s chores”. The ground and the chairs are stationary, the oat meal cooking pot doesn´t slide of the burner and the water runs freely from the taps. Somebody here gave us advice on which shower was the best, of the three existing, Martin and I just looked at each other – if the water is running without us at the same time pumping and holding the hose, what can possibly be a better shower than that?

 Yesterday the new owners of Orkestern took over. We had three days for running through all the gear, going out sailing, loading on their luggage and off ours. Imagine travelling to Panama to buy a boat and planning on staying away for almost two years! What to pack?

Caroline and Johannes is a really nice and bright couple (and Swedish). We are proud to hand over Orkestern in their care, and we already have had proof thay can both sail, swim and deal correctly with the Panamanian taxi drivers – so we have all faith in them.

Caroline and Johannes on the premier sail.

Caroline and Johannes on the premier sail. Martin just enjoying the ride. 


Today we are tired, happy that our plan of selling around New Year worked and surprised to find ourselves quite without major engagements or responsibilities. Let´s go on vacation!


p.s. we will continue reporting from our journey on this webpage until we reach Sweden (on an aeroplane)   d.s.


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